Border as a producer of design

Installation view

Ceuta, Spanish enclave on the Moroccan territory at the border between Europe and Africa, is the theatre of an atypical trade. Free taxe zone, it leads every day million of moroccan people from the north of the country, to accomplish a precarious job : carrying goods from one part of the border to the other. Workers at the border have therefore adapted their processes, and method to accomplish their work, Border as a producer of design returns on this numerous adaptations, to overcome legislations and offer to consider it as a production line. Indeed, while many research exist about the complexity of the border, very few of them explore how this trade is performed and embodied in the techniques used to cross the border. Through a collection of objects based around the trolley, central piece in the cariage of goods, the project interrogates and higlight how a border can become a vector of creativity and produce design. It particularly focuses on how objects that transit bear material traces of the broader context in which they are exchanged, the border.