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Studiolow is a research studio founded by Héloïse Charital and Ismaël Rifaï based in Marseille.
Graduates from the Design Academy  Eindhoven, Studiolow aims to capture what they call the "semantic field of objects ». They defines themselves as anthropologists by investigating a place and spending times on field and as artists / designers by the retranscription they makes of their researches. Fascinated by the movement of bodies and objects they question the phenomena of migration and displacement through a practice of assemblage taking shapes into installations associating various media ranging from video to sculptural furniture. Their practice of research through design systems, artefacts and technics tends to reflect the complexity of cultural meaning incorporated in a form, a material, a texture in order to reveal broader social, political and cultural implications.

Their works have been exhibited at the Design Museum London, Friedman Benda New York, Biennale Emergence Paris, Dutch Design Week Eindhoven, Passagen Koln, and the Van Abbe Museum Eindhoven.    -

76 rue Léon Bourgeois
13002 Marseille