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    -Héloïse Charital (b.1994) earned a bachelor and master in art history from University Lyon II and a Master in Curating and Writing from Design Academy Eindhoven. Her work oscillates between performance, poetry and installations as new forms and languages for curatorial strategies. She engages with a variety of subjects borrowing methodologies ranging from cultural archaeology, visual semiotics, archival sciences, iconography, personal investigation, journalism. Through a diversity of methodologies, she aims to propose alternatives and multiples readings to question pre-given narratives and singular storytelling

    -Ismaël Rifaï (b.1993) earned a bachelor from the French design school of Saint-Etienne and a master in Social design from Design Academy Eindhoven. He defines himself as an anthropologist by investigating a place and spending times on field and as an artist/designer by the retranscription he makes of his researches. His fascination for the borders lead him to explore subjects like migration and commercial exchange.

Together Héloïse and Ismaël form the research design studio Studiolow

76 rue Léon Bourgeois
13002 Marseille